enDevelopment  is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) headquartered in New York.  Founded in 2006, enDevelopment’s management team comes from a variety of backgrounds and delivers a distinct combination of complementary skill sets. Together, we offer our clients more than 40 years of information technology and corporate management experience, 25 years of innovation and product development experience, 20 years of construction management experience, and 12 years of elevator service experience. Our time-tested capabilities include Management Consulting, Technology and Information Services, and Elevator Maintenance and Repair.

enDevelopment’s services span strategic design to tactical execution. We can go from low resolution prototype to full-scale technology development. We can think big and get our boots muddy. We are learners, leaders, and doers. We thrive on developing innovative solutions to meaningful problems.

Our team has built and managed profitable businesses, led large-scale projects and programs, coached amazing teams, and provided services that generated millions of dollars in customer value. We look forward to extending our capabilities to serve new and long-standing partners.

We can augment your team, provide an independent perspective, deliver reliable service, and bring our decades of experience to bear to help enhance your value provided and effectively address your most challenging business problems.

Let’s develop something, together!


“enDevelopment” is formed by adding the Greek preposition en (being or remaining within, engulfed) to Development (the process of growing or causing to grow and become more mature or advanced). We are deeply involved and personally invested in each opportunity we accept, and we go the extra mile to meet the highest standards.

“enDevelopment” also combines end and Development, which reminds us to begin with the end-goal and end-user in mind, and to use that perspective to guide us through solution design, development, and delivery. At enDevelopment, we dig deep to understand and strive to provide long-term value to each customer we have the privilege to serve.